4th annual Camping /Picnic Sept 5, 06 & 7,2008                                                                                                                                    at 2211 Pacific Beach Drive San Diego, Ca 92109


                                     SCHEDULE OF PROGRAM  AND  ACTIVITIES


Sept 05, '08  -                                   FIRST DAY-FRIDAY

            1) 3:00PM.Check in.......Welcome Campers. Arrival, Registration at camp site.                                                                                                
Tent set up-Camp site located  at site D at
Dowitcher Crescent                                                                                                                              

2) Dinner at 6:30-7:30PM............Rice,  Adobo, Guinisang mongo w/spinach & fried Bulad

(Cooked Native from home compliments of  Rod and Elena)


            3) Camaraderie 8:00-9:30PM......................Bingo, Tong-its or take a dip at  the pool.             


                                                   SECOND DAY-SATURDAY

                                              PICNIC NOTRE DAME DAY AFFAIR                                 

Sept 06, '08 OFF SITE  VENUE: MISSION BAY SAN DIEGO, CA- 5min drive from camp site.       

                        Use address 2727 De Anza Road San Diego,CA 92109- find ample parking at left side

                                                  (Assemble at the blue *Cabana - Mission Bay)

           4) 6:00AM........Exercise sa Umaga by able body- 45min walkathon by Mission Bay


            5) 7:00AM.................Breakfast at *Cabana prepared by: did not join the walkathon.

                         blue*CABANA - Mission Bay - it's 1st come 1st get, must secure as 

                         early as 5:30am by member/ volunteer: Andy Gonzalez and Gerry.


                                  *LET THE FUN BEGIN* PLAYERS GREEN vs GOLD*

            6)   Games on the Bay:Tug of War; Sack race; egg race; Maria went to town etc.

                                          (Optional - Prizes by donors and sponsors)         


7) 10:30 to 12:00 noon Lunch Preparation/Food Committee: .......Barbe-que by Mission Bay


            8) 3:00PM: ***Start of Meeting :Officers and members may begin afternoon  session


9) 7:00 PM: Dinner_________________________   by Mission Bay


                           CLEAN UP AFTER DINNER____EVENING ROLL CALL

                               *EVERYONE DRIVE(5min) BACK TO CAMP SITE*


            EVENING STORY TELLING in the boon fire after Supper or play bingo,tong-its                                                        


                                               ON THE LAST DAY-SUNDAY

   Sept. 07' 08 -

            10). Sunday 6:00AM..................................................................Breakfast at Campsite

                                               MORE GROUP  PICTURE TAKING


           11).Wrap up time 10:00AM to 11:00AM........................................Check out


                                              *ENJOY AND THANK YOU*




                                                   SEPTEMBER 5, 6, 7, 2008

                                   CAMPERS  COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS                                             

                                                  (Please observe camp site rules)

                      COST $99.46 per family (limit 4 persons) tent site-2 1/2 days & 2nights                                   

                                                         FOOD PREPARATION:

                    6 MEALS at least: Friday night dinner, Saturday breakfast, Sat lunch Sat. dinner,

                       Sunday breakfast  or Sunday brunch.         Attendees:  40 to 50 persons.  

                           At least for 2 1/2 days & 2 nights supply of Food and water

EVERY FAMILY BRING: Your own tents, sleeping bags, cots optional and 3 day supply of drinking water,2 litter bottled soft drinks, your special food for personal special diet,medications,insect repellent, sun screen, extra folding beach chair, flash lights w/batteries,Swimming gear if you want to use the swimming pool. Check out if fishing is OK. Please leave your valuable(ex. jewelries) things at home

Organization will supply:Paper towel,plates, cups, plastic utensils, forks,spoons, reynolds wrap,napkins

           List of Suggested  & Approved: Food and other supplies Assignments:

1        Jess - 2 Breakfast menu: suggestions: ham,bacon, choriso,eggs, bread, spam, etc .

2        Ligaya, Richard-  to be cooked on Sept 6, 7-marinated chicken and pork belly.

3        Rod –Friday night dinner- chicken, pork adobo, ice box, supply of ice, citronella candle

4        Elena- Friday night-Cooked rice, Guinisang mongo w/spinach, Fried daing, table cloth 

5        Gerry- for 2 Lunches –assorted Fish, Coffee decaf and condiments, cocoa, cream, sugar

6        Edith & Milo-Tent w/cover for food supply, Rice, Rice Cooker, cooking grill, coffee maker, firewood, ice box. Please bring your petromax and citronella (Off)candle for insects

7        Elmar- marinated beef meat for barbeque , ice box, 2-3 sacks of charcoal

8        Minda-fresh fruits, corn in husk, pastries chips, or roasted (Costco) peanuts,extra ice box.

9        Wilbert-fresh fish kinilaw, extra ice, ice box, your citronella candle and etc.

10    Rolly- Game and prize committee: Tug of war; sack race; egg race; Maria went to town, bingo.

11    Rolly-  In charge of activities  also to bring eggs, things to use for games and prizes.

12    Inday Nacario- Fried shrimps, extra ice box, citronella (Off) candle for insects.

13    Ed and Tess- meat, extra ice box, Citronella(Off) candle for insects

14    *Maria Surmillon Parker- for Sept. 6 lunch picnic- Hamburger or hot dog and  buns, charcoal.

15    Fe Urbano, Hearty & Co.- Desserts, Pies, chips and dips, Orange Juice  for breakfast

16    Noh, Zeny and Joe- Orange Juice, meat for barbeque, charcoal, citronella candle for insects

17    *Imelda Fike- for Sept 6 lunch picnic-Pancit for the group please.

18    *Phillip Surmillon- Sept 6- one ulam w/vegetables ex. Sea food chop suey if possible

19    *Fely Akol –for Sept 6-lunch picnic- Favorite dish- Filipino ulam w/vegetable

20    *Jeff and Angie Honor Schulze- for Sept 6 - one veggies menu if coming.

Camp Activities:

      1) Walkathon, Picnic: Sept6/2008   6:00AM at the Mission Bay

2        Day Games: Tug of war, sack race,egg race etc. Night games:cards,bingo

3)Youth group-Night time Story telling for kids around boon fire.

                                 Clean up Committee: Everybody

Sergeant at Arms- Hearty Powell & Sonny Sagalongos  First Aid: Dr. Jess Mendoza

*Some Family may not be able to join camping but will come on Sept 6'08 Notre Dame Day Event

 Tent Camp Site Reservation&Payment are due by: 08/02/2008 Please mail your payment to:

Mrs. Edith Y Shermer                                             No late reservation please .Thank you all.               

434 N Earlham St                  Tel. 714-532-6670

Orange, CA 92869                or  Contact Elena Gonzalez  e-mail:   






        Re: #8) of page 1  ***MEETING  SCHEDULE  AGENDA PROPOSAL





 WHERE:Venue: Mission Bay blue Cabana annex to camp site

 WHAT Time start: 3:00PM to __finish_________


  Agendas by the President of National Chapter:

Example: Need to know:

1        '09 National Reunion development/Invitations_______________________

2        Inclusive dates of '09 Reunion June_______________________________

3        San Diego Welcome Party Committee_____________________________

Date  for Alumni 1st Arrivals in SD for June 2009 reunion

      4)  Cruise 3-4 day:______________________________________________

          Cruise departure date Port of SD.


      Other matters for suggestions