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Reunion 2009, San Diego/Cruise
Open Letter from Class 1975
Mary Anne Asencio Ficek

Hello guys,
Here are some pictures from our June 18-21st Notre Dame reunion in San Diego. It was a very-well attended event (around 150-200 people) with graduates from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Our 1975 batch also had a mini reunion, and we all stayed at Chita Novella Buenafe's family, our excellent host. One thing I can say is that this reunion was a BLAST!! I have not laughed soooooooooooooo hard for quite a while.

At Chita's residence - Lalet Buensuceso, Anne (Asencio) Ficek, Naty (Gutilban)Chiong, Johannah (Chita's daughter) , Bernadette ( Lalet's sister).

That's Chita Novella Buenafe - far right.

I pigged out on Pinoy food which is a rarity for me coming from a beef-potato state of Montana. Thanks Chit for the Bilong-bilong fish, longanisa, and tocino. I am sure Naty is thankful for the blue crabs and Prima, the tulay fish too. Thanks for obliging to our requests and preparing kare- kare, pinakbet, palabok, Fil. deserts and etc. You sure are a great cook.

It's karaoke time.

After the "kabusugan" (gluttony I would say), it's time to take a walk along the gorgeous beach view.

There's Toto(Eckchu Uy ) who just got in from Canada.

The happy bunch.

That's Chita behind the pan. We were preparing for a welcome party at Chita's place.


Guests (Notre Dame organization officers) started coming in. 3rd from the left is Ellen Tingson Gonzales, Reggie Tingson's sister who lives in the same area. The two people far right are Prima and Nen (Guipo).

Guess who I am with? Helen Villanueva Santos, our former neighbor in our old place in Dadiangas. She is married to Jimmy Santos and they live in Arizona.

Photo op for all the Damean guests.

That's Claire (Mosqueda) with us.

Strolling along the scenic route.

The white buildings you see are the famous, historic Coronado Hotel.

(Editor: The scenery could pass for any beach in GenSan.)

Chita's going to kill me for showing this but I thought this was cute. A break after an exhausting day (entertaining Damean guests). Look at those legs!! Still looking good at 30 something, something, something...

Let the party begin -- a really fun night during the welcome gathering for all Notre Damians at the an alumni's place (Surmillon-Fike Residence, Chula Vista).

You think Chita's having a drink? No, she's pretending she's singing into a microphone.

Fun time, Karaoke time! At the Surmillon-Fike Welcome Party.

DECADA 2009 - The gala night (Saturday June 20 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel of San Diego.)

Anne with Chita and Manny Buenafe. (Editor: Now tell me Chit, doesn't he look like Jimmy Smitts?)

Jimmy & Helen Santos, Naty Gutilban Chiong and Lalet Buensuceso.

Recognize that lady (between Chit and Anne)? She was our high school Pilipino teacher - Miss Fernandez. What a surprise!

Editor: Miss Thelma Fernandez came all the way from the Philippines, one of four alumni from GenSan. Pictured here with her students at Notre Dame of Dadiangas For Girls Batch 1975.

Editor: Oh My Gosh Chita. You must be wearing the biggest genuine Jade earring in the world!

DECADA 1970s. The 70s graduates.

Editor: Class 1975 hamming it up! Chita what's between the teeth?

Editor: The Conga Line? Thanks Chita for featuring the flowers of the Lilies of the Nile from the garden of Elena Tingzon Gonzalez. Only a gardener would do something like that! Hope to see everyone in 2011!

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